We have a team of more than 70 dedicated professionals working in the United States and Guatemala to provide excellent service to the participants, volunteers, and supporters of our programs. 100% of our staff has worked or volunteered in the field, and we are passionate about the HELPS mission.


team 11

Steve Miller
Founder & President

team 8

José Luis Loarca
Executive Director


Mari Cangas
Logistics Manager, United States

Frank McGee

Frank McGee
Accounting, United States

Donna Stanley

Donna Stanley
Accounting, United States

team 6

Lizbeth de Arana
Human Resources and Logistics Manager, Guatemala

team 7

Mauricio Rosales
Community Development Manager,

team 5

Amanda Contreras
Public Relations
Manager, Guatemala

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Domingo de la Cruz
HELPS School

team 12

Silvia Suy

team 4


Accounting Manager,

team 10

Marcy de Paz, MD
Health Program

Team 17

Ana María Paz
Sales Manager
ONIL Products,

Team 14

Nahum Vásquez
Economic Development and Education Program
Manager, Guatemala

Team 15

Billy Monzón
Regional Community Development Coordinator, Guatemala

team 2

Belarmino Roblero
Regional Community Development Coordinator, Guatemala


Stephen W. Miller
Chairman of the Board | Chief Executive Officer
Dillon Gage Inc.


Eugene Albert
President and Owner
Credit Concepts Inc.


John Newby
Founding Partner
Mullis, Newby & Hurst, LLP

Diego Castañeda
Hotel Casa Santo Domingo


Frank Dalton

Chief Executive Officer


Thomas Dougherty
Board of Directors Member
Grupo Progreso

Paul W. Schultz, MD
Plastic Surgeon
Midsota Plastic Surgeons


Fausto Arimany

Executive Director
UVG Foundation


Our team leaders organize health care, community development and education services teams, from recruitment to fundraising and logistics. Leading trips to Guatemala at least once a year, these incredibly dedicated volunteers make it possible.

Alicia Harris

Steven A. Harris, MD

Fr. Pierre Labine

Jack B. Wagoner, MD

Sharon Barnes

Babak Larian, MD

Henry Chen, MD

Olivia Marroquin

Robert Orlando

Steven Schirmer

James Weeks, MD

Lois Weeks

Jonathan Peachey

Timothy Peachey

Larry Hanson

John Newby

Tamra Orlando, RN

Paul Schultz, MD

Gary Boeke, MD

Bruce Kudak, DDS

Daniela Farchi

Ariela Farchi

Deanna Salyards, FNP-C

Lawrence Milne, MD

Asa Morton, MD

Joseph Kraayenbrink

Carol Jones

Anthony Jones

Daniel Dunsworth

Scott Fish

Joshua Haake

Kristi Lichtenberg

Sally Pena

Frances Morton

David Meade, Pharm. D

Robert Grimes

Jane Shafer, RN

Steve Haas

Thomas Tolton

Charles Goff

Judie Tarlow

Darrell Armbrust

Tess Mateo

Cheryl Weeks-Rosten

Kathleen Davin

Donna Phillips, PhD

John Phillips

Carolyn Moreau

To know how you can become a HELPS International team leader, contact us at